Come Join our Transmedia Superhero Comedy Web Series, its Free and Funny!!

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“Next Wave” Content Producer goes live with its newest web series – Tights and Fights: Ashes.

Funded by the Independent Production Fund’s cutting edge Web Series Pilot Program, Tights and Fights: Ashes picks up where the YouTube hit series Tights and Fights: Captain Euchre left off – Captain Euchre has been captured! 5 new wacky characters kick off this comedy Web and Transmedia Series that gives us a hilarious peek into the day to day lives of super heroes and super villains. Using a multi-year Transmedia storytelling strategy that includes social networks, 230 webisodes, live performances on Twitter, blogs, and a UGC component called – a sort of Facebook for DIY Super Heroes – Tights and Fights: Ashes is the most Transmedia show ever.

Watch all the episodes on Youtube @TightsandFights - Transmedia Superhero Comedy Series

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