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From the “I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That” Department… – Week 13 of Tights and Fights: Ashes!

Both the Plumber and Le Gros Chapeau do things that they… and Fantabulous Gal… will come to regret. Add that to Major Faultline’s upcoming Twitter trial on Wednesday and it’s not the proudest of weeks for our superhero team. We all have our off days, right?

Tuesday, May 10

The Plumber - "All Plumbed Out"

Episode 92 – “Plumbed Out”

The Plumber has been out with the ninjas to celebrate AAA Cleanings first assignment. Who knew the Plumber would be so popular?


Wednesday, May 11

The Plumber - "Plumber On The Run"Episode 93 – “Plumber on the Run”

Whoops! Looks like the ninjas party a little too had for The Plumber. On top of everything else, bike theft, Plumber? Say it ain’t so!


Thursday, May 12

Le Gros Chapeau - "For Whom The Pants Tent"Episode 94 – “For Whom the Pants Tent”

While working for Fantabulous Gal’s AAA Cleaning, Le Gros Chapeau experiences technical difficulties.



Also on Thursday

Major Faultline: Time Felon!?
A Live Transmedia Performance

Major Faultline is up on Time Charges for interfering with the Faultinium – and YOU are on the jury!

Live, at 7PM EST! Don’t miss out!

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