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Plumber’s Up For Air

The Rubber Glove Procedure


Super Gossip Gal


Ma Strovesco

Winston The Ninja


Keiren Smith

Who Is Sucker?

The Youngster


Scape Goat

Office Ladies

Officer Suzie


Sir Dance-A-Lot

Pop Scorn

Wall Flower


The Hanging Chad




Barry the Nuclear Missile


Charles (Accountant Charles)


Chapter One is Behind Us!

Barry’s Big Day


Chapter IV: A New Hope

Making Up

Can’t Go Home Again


Wasn’t That a Party?


Recent Posts

NEW – Future Fodder

Unclogging Ronin Force

ETB: The Next Generation


Reformation Party

See Ya Later Sucker

Euchre Rising


Second Time’s a Charm


Funny Story

They Always Escape

Stupidity Saves the Day


I Did What to Who Now?

That Guy Again

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